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We have lots of GREEN DOOR STORE PRESENTS shows for you to check out in the next few months, including:

Songhoy Blues - 17/11/14 – £3

We’re thrilled to bring you Transgressive Records latest and most exciting signings Songhoy Blues from Mali West Africa for our own Greendoorstore Presents night! These guys are going to be amazing. Expect big things in 2015 which will see them release their debut record on February 23rd.
Check out their latest video which premiered on The Quietus last week:


Youth Club – 18/1//14 – Free Entry

Inspired by summer and all things colourful, the band are not confined by the boundaries of any particular genre but draw influence from many styles; soulful vocals, pop choruses, synths and warm guitars – the authentic sound of summer. Check out their live version of ‘People’ here.

with support from: Rivieras + PictureHaus


The Pearl Harts – 9/12/14 – Free Entry

The Pearl Harts will be celebrating the release of their single ‘Skeleton Made of Diamonds’
Come and celebrate with them!

“The Pearl Harts are little more than blood, sweat and guitar strings, two girls from London who want to spit, fight and make loud, blues-driven rock music which thrills and appalls.” – CLASH
with support from Manchester based Grunge-Punk duo: Bad Grammar
Female fronted, riff driven, dirt rock band:


FVNERALS - 20/12/14 – Free Entry

We have the amazing:
Fvnerals dark sound and slow paced atmospheres have been described as containing elements of ambient, post-rock, drone, shoegaze and slowcore.

Pink Lizards
‘…Pink Lizards follow the nocturnal, bluesy trail blazed by Royal Trux and PJ Harvey. They’re fronted by Daisy Coburn, who drawls through the likes of ‘Sold Your Soul’ while peeling off killer guitar solos.’ – NME Magazine.

Vincent Vocoder Voice
“meaty basslines underpinning surging guitars and vocals that veer from a cold monotone to anxiety-attack screaming. Overlaid with a backing track of film samples, eerie piano lines and extra fuzz, the songs themselves are a mix of full-on thrash and minor chord crescendos.” – Brighton Source –

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